Cleaning Challenge: Garage / Storage Week

Warmer weather’s coming! It’s time to take to the road.

Will your garage be ready for summer travel, sports and outdoor fun?

Time to bring new order to garage storage areas with a seasonal declutter, deep-cleaning and organizing session.

Ready? We’re sorting garage storage this week in the Cleaning Grand Plan!

Today’s Assignment:Garage Week

The garage wears a lot of hats, when it comes to an average household.

It’s home to automobiles, boats and bicycles … and all the accessories that go with them.   Read More >>


PDF iconGarage Cleaning Checklist

Today’s Challenge: Attic/Storage Week Wrap-Up

Up in the attic–or buzzing round the basement-it’s been a busy week in the New Year Cleaning Challenge.

Today, take the last steps to bring the week’s storage areas to a state of clean and orderly..

Tomorrow, the New Year Cleaning Challenge moves to storage areas in the garage. Ready to make room for the car?

Today’s Assignment:Wrap Up Attic/Storage Week

This week, we’ve taken aim on clutter and disorganization in household storage areas. Whether an attic, a basement, or other dedicated storage space, we’ve swept in with a new broom to cut the clutter.   Read More >>

Today’s Challenge: Jump On The Closet-Go-Round

As we haul out attic and garage storage in the Cleaning Challenge, we’ll soon realize that many items we encounter belong in other storage locations.

How to handle these transients? A Closet-Go-Round!

The idea is simple: deposit an open, empty storage box near each alternate storage venue in the house.   Read More >>

Clean Sweep? The Case Against Spring Cleaning

Spring blows in with warm wind and the promise of … spring cleaning?

With the coming of spring, even the most casual home managers feel an inexplicable urge to move furniture, clean windows and vacuum baseboards to welcome the return of sunshine and warmer weather.

But is spring cleaning really necessary?  

Today’s Challenge: Power Up Your Storage Tools

Diving into storage areas this week, it’ll be a week devoted to boxes and labels and oh! those garbage bags.

How to make this big job a bit easier? Check your tools! Having the items you need to bring order to storage areas on hand will make the job fly.

Better still, you won’t need to bankrupt yourself at those pricey “organizer” stores to create an organized home. Simple tools and inexpensive products are mainstays when getting organized … because it’s all in how you use them!   Read More >>

Today’s Challenge: Craft a Storage Plan

Household storage spaces are too often “out of site, out of mind” … until we need to find those tax records from 2016, and fast. Help!

Because they’re not in daily view, storage spaces can become overwhelmed with clutter. A tower of electronics packaging teeters atop overstuffed bins of holiday decorations. File boxes are buried under limp piles of last summer’s blow-up beach toys, swim goggles and sand chairs. Crammed and cluttered, finding stored items becomes a fruitless, frustrating task.

How to manage household storage to make the most of your limited space? A household storage plan!   Read More >>

Today’s Challenge: Kids’ Room Week Wrap-Up

It’s been all things kid this week in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, as we’ve decluttered, cleaned and organized children’s rooms.

Today, take the last steps to bring children’s rooms to a state of clean and orderly..

Tomorrow, the New Year Cleaning Challenge moves storage areas in attic and basement. Are you ready to clean out stored stuff to welcome Spring?   Read More >>

Today’s Challenge: Kid Clutter Solution? Toy Jail!

Tired of waking each morning to a sea of toys left out after yesterday’s play?

Try a toy jail!

This simple concept helps train children to the put-away habit and brings an end to early-morning stumbles over Lego creations.

Designate a toy jail in today’s New Year Cleaning Challenge assignment.   Read More >>

Today’s Challenge: Chill the Chore Wars

Kids being kids, keeping a clean house is a struggle on a good day–and getting them to pitch in with household chores can rise to the level of a battle.

How do you chill the chore wars?

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, we’ll consider ways to build teamwork and teach important life skills when it comes to cleaning house.

Try these ideas to bring the family onboard.   Read More >>