Today’s Challenge: Making Sense of Household Scents

Standing on the threshold, the living room is lovely to look at, clean and organized. Soft sofa, attractive artwork, pleasant lighting all beckon.

But the nose wrinkles. Do you smell something?

Taking on the “to scent or not to scent” question is like stepping in a mine field. Today, we’ll try to find our way to freshness, while staying clean and green at home.   Read More >>

Today’s Challenge: Light Up the Living Room

Floors and furniture, walls and decor all work together to create an inviting living room, but without light, they’re cardboard actors on a darkened stage.

What’s the state of lighting in your living room? Can the family converse, read, craft or watch television in comfort?

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, we’ll let the light shine in the living room, and consider options to bring the right light where it’s needed in your organized home.   Read More >>

Today’s Challenge: Control “Clicker” Clutter

They’re hard-working and indispensable features of modern life: remote controls, commonly referred to as the “clicker”.

Thing is, in modern homes, they’ve arrived in multiple. How many clickers live in your living room–and how much chaos does it cause when one goes missing?

Today, consider ways to corral remote controls in your organized home.   Read More >>

Today’s Challenge: Declutter Living Room Decor

The New Year brings a breath of fresh air to daily life; today, we’ll reflect that seasonal change with a decor declutter.

As we deep-clean and organize the living room this week, it’s a good time to cast an appraising eye on the room’s decor items.

Does the living room look warm and inviting, or cluttered and cramped?

Today, we’ll take a deeper look at the place of decor in an organized home.   Read More >>

Today’s Challenge: Life in the Living Room

At the outset of Living Room Week, an important question arises. Who’s living in your living room, and what do they do there?

Some homes feature a formal living room, used to receive guests and put up the Christmas tree-while the family’s day-to-day life is lived down the hall in a den or family room. For these families, Living Room Week will be a straightforward process of cleaning walls, light fixtures, furniture and floors.   Read More >>

Today’s Challenge: It’s Living Room Week

It’s a new week in the New Year Cleaning Challenge: today, we take on the living room.

In the days ahead, we’ll consider how our living room is used, and schedule time to declutter, deep-clean and organize this central gathering spot in our home.

Goal: to create a relaxing, pleasant and beautiful place to enjoy with family and friends.   Read More >>


PDF iconLiving Room Cleaning Checklist

Today’s Challenge: Entryway Week Wrap-up

Entryway / Foyer Week is drawing to a close; time for a weekend wrap-up!

Today, take the last steps to clean, declutter and organize entry areas to your home.

Looking ahead, the Cleaning Grand Plan Challenge takes on the living room.

Will you have a clean and organized place to visit with family and friends? Join us tomorrow for Living Room Week!   Read More >>

Today’s Challenge: Keep Tabs on the Keys

Answer honestly: how many times a week does your family play “hunt the car keys” … and how late does it make you?

The solution to the problem of missing keys is as simple as a home and a habit.

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, it’s time to establish a dedicated home for key rings–and build a habit to make sure you never lose track of them again.   Read More >>

Today’s Challenge: Clean Out the Coat Closet

In the Northern Hemisphere, January brings the year’s coldest weather–and puts new demands on the family coat closet.

How do you store the family’s outerwear during blustery weather?

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, it’s time to take a peek inside the coat closet. Is is free from clutter and ready for use?

Today’s Assignment:
Clean Out the Coat Closet

Winter weather brings new prominence to outerwear storage. Umbrellas and galoshes, jackets and coats need a good home, especially when they’re in daily use.   Read More >>

Today’s Challenge: Set Up a Family Launch Pad

As we clean, declutter and organize the entryway this week, it’s a natural time to think about morning routines.

How well do you and your family hit the road each morning for work or school?

Is it smooth sailing or a rocky road to get the family out the door?

Today, we’ll consider a powerful helper to end morning madness: a family launch pad.   Read More >>