The Make A Difference Information Network for Children and Adults With Disabilities is for anyone seeking information about the services and resources that are available in Kansas. It is a network of many cooperating programs. One phone call will reach all of these programs:

  • Advocacy
  • Respite care during vacations, weekends or family emergencies
  • Screening, diagnosis, evaluation
  • Early intervention for infants and preschool children
  • Education, public health and social service agencies
  • Counseling
  • Parent support groups
  • Resource material for families
  • Benefits coordination
  • Technical assistance

Why call the ‘Make A Difference’ Information Network?

Information about services has been collected into one computerized system so that individuals and their families will not have to search for the services that they may need. The ‘Make A Difference’ Information Network can help you find the right agency in your community to contact.

How Does the Network Help?

One toll-free call will activate a computer search through the agencies and programs in your community and in the state, which may be able to help you.

Then you will know:

  • What is available
  • Whom to call
  • Where to go for help

What will happen then?

You can decide what services to contact. No one will call or write to you unless you ask them to do so. So make that call today and find the information you need about services and resources for persons with disabilities.